IES was established in 2020 to become the market leader in provision of high-quality engineering products and technical solutions to the mining and non-mining industry in Zambia and the rest of the Southern African region. Our market leadership position is as a result of understanding our customer’s requirements and challenges, developing highly efficient and effective result-oriented solutions that deliver real value to meet the needs of our customers. The company leverages from the strategic partnership with internationally renowned and industry leading and highly experienced companies. This coupled with our clear understanding of our local business environment and that of our customers, our vast experience in local and international procurement of goods and services, our strategic proximity to our customers, our strategic stock holding, management and technical ability, our effective local and cross border logistics capabilities, makes us the service provider of choice. This has been proven and recognized by our clients and as a result, we often get request for our expertise in sourcing equipment and services that fall within and outside our existing portfolio. IES product range includes low and high voltage electric motors, vibrator motors, variable speed drives, soft starters, power and distribution transformers, MCC’s, containerized substations, mini substations, diesel generator sets, switchgear and co–generation, energy solutions, electrical and instrumentation, engineering and project management services.